Reports indicate that an animated Blues Brothers TV Show is in production. Original film Co-star and writer, Dan Aykroyd is set to produce. The show is being targeted at a young adult audience and will feature new and old music from the films.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love the first film. It’s my favourite musical and one of my favourite comedies. I even quite like the sequel, it has its moments but fails to capture what made the original so good.

I get the feeling that the original film is slowly falling into obscurity. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. Once upon a time, it was on TV constantly. Now, not so much.

One element of the original film that really made it a success was the cast. The second film proved that even with some of the original cast, the lack of John Belushi was a downfall for it. I think for the same reason, this TV show might be destined to fail.

I’d be amazed if this show is a success, but my fingers are crossed. The Blues Brothers are overdue a return. It’s just a shame that the original Blues Brothers never will.