Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The greatest game ever made? Maybe. Not really. It’s certainly one of the best.

Uncharted 4 is definitely one of, perhaps even the best looking games ever made. Character models and environments are amazing. They each have immense detail and they push current technology to the limit (I assume).

The game runs at a steady 30fps. There were only a couple of minor instances in my 20hour play through where the frame rate dropped. These instances were barely noticeable and didn’t affect gameplay at all. That’s an impressive feat, considering how much info the game has to display at the busiest of times.

Gameplay itself it so-so. It’s just like the previous games in the series but with certain elements lifted from The Last of Us. Uncharted 4 is an adequate if uninspired 3rd person shooter/platform/puzzle game. With the exception of the new rope & slide mechanics (both of which have appeared in other games), there’s little new. That’s not entirely a bad thing, it’s a case of ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.’

However, this is the longest game in the series which means that you end up doing the same, cool looking, fun thing, over and over again. The characters even joke about it, which suggests developers Naughty Dog know the gameplay is limited & repetitive.

The only real gripe with gameplay is the stealth system. It works. I can’t falter it. But, in comparison to the great stealth system in The Last of Us, Uncharted 4’s stealth is very basic. You can hide, you can take down guards silently & there’s a new tagging system, but without the ability to distract guards, it can be repetitive & difficult to do at times.

Let’s face it, everything I’ve already mentioned is not what makes Uncharted great. What makes Uncharted great are the characters, the story and the set-pieces. This game has them all. In abundance.

Obviously, I won’t spoil anything. Basically, the story is slower, longer and more methodical than the previous games in the series. Naughty Dog has clearly passed along some storytelling techniques from The Last of Us, such as journal entries & optional conversations. And, it’s great. It’s a fitting end to the series and it’s at least on par with the previous 2 games. The story is probably my favourite, alongside the third games’ story.

The only issues I have with the story are that it’s a bit too long & it takes a little while for things to really get rolling. Once it does though, and the crazy, over-the-top set-pieces come along, it’s great.

The characters are also great. Again. There’s not much to say about the returning ones. Newcomers like Sam, Rafe and Nadine are really well performed. I didn’t think I’d like Sam, but I did. He wasn’t shoehorned in at all. Rafe and Nadine meanwhile are good, if a bit underdeveloped as villains. They’re not quite up there alongside Marlowe from the previous game but they’re interesting enough & they do enough to be better than the enemies of the 1st 2 games.

And that’s it. Uncharted 4 is great. It’s certainly a must play for any Uncharted fan. All I’ll say is that it’s a game with expectations & it meets them. If you’ve played an Uncharted game before, you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. That’s also a bit of a negative though because it fails to do anything truly new.

It’s beautiful, it’s got a great story, fun but repetitive gameplay & it’s a fitting end to a great series.


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