I liked the film. It’s good. I’ve not yet decided if it’s great or if it deserved an Academy Award. It’s certainly got Oscar bait written all over it, so I’m not surprised it won the big one.

The most impressive thing about the film is its pacing. For a film focusing on such a serious & important subject matter with little humour, the fact that it flies through its 2hour 9minutes runtime is impressive. The film never slows down. That’s a very hard thing to achieve and credit needs to be given to the director, editor & writers.

The cast meanwhile is pretty good too. Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams are the standouts, but they’re also kind of the main characters and they’re certainly the most interesting. Everyone else is fine, better than fine in fact (they’re good), it’s just a shame that their characters are a little lacking in development and they seem to rely on star power to draw attention.

The story is incredibly interesting and revealing. It’s one I was vaguely aware of prior to it becoming a film. There are plenty of twists, turns and revelations throughout. Some are bigger than others, but all of them make the film continuously appealing. The constant struggles the protagonists go through and have to overcome in order to publish their story make it very easy to get invested in them and the story.

One slight negative about the story is the ending. The ending’s good. It’s certainly not bad. But after the hurdles everyone has gone through, it just kind of stops & things end on a bit of a whimper. A pleasing whimper though. This is a problem that plagues numerous factual based films. How do you end a story based on real events that are still ongoing? It’s a tricky thing to do.

Based on the above paragraph, I feel the need to say that I don’t know how accurate the film is. I’m assuming that events & dialogue have been altered or made up for dramatic purposes. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how accurate it is. It could be completely fictional, but it’s still be a good, enjoyable watch.


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