The Flash: Season 2

The first season of The Flash will probably be remembered as one of the greatest superhero TV shows ever. It was really good. That means season 2 had a lot to live up to. Did it do it? Was is better? Was it just at good?


Season 2 of The Flash, while fun and entertaining (just like the 1st season), was ultimately, a bit of a disappointment.

The season started with the fallout from season 1 and the introduction of the DC multiverse. This was great. It opened up the show, it’s sister shows (Arrow, Legends & Supergirl), other shows such as Gotham and maybe even the films (BvS) to a realm of creative possibilities.

If you don’t know what the DC multiverse is, a basic description is that there are an infinite amount of alternate universes.

This means that characters who die, can come back as alternate (usually evil & cooler) versions of themselves. This actually happens more than once this season. However, it’s also a bit of a cheat, because if a character dies, knowing that there’s an alternate version of them somewhere, kind of eliminates the emotional element, a bit.

The multiverse is probably the one element of season 2 that works really well. The one element that didn’t work that well was the main antagonist, Zoom.


Zoom starts out as threatening, imposing & somewhat scary. Then we find out who he is and clearly the writers didn’t plan ahead because they come up with a near nonsensical backstory to explain who it is. Then they do the same with trying to explain his motives. The bottom line is that Zoom’s motives are ridiculously simple and they suck. He wants to be fast & he wants to do it by getting rid of every other fast person. The show tries to explain why, but fails to provide an adequate reason. Most of the faults are the writers, the actors who portray Zoom are fine.

Another issue with this season is the length. Season 1 seemed to have everything planned out and paced. This season doesn’t. There are too many pointless, filler episodes that simply drag things out (especially towards the end).

This season also offers a mystery in the form of a Man in the Iron Mask. I won’t spoil who it is, but I will say that the reveal is underwhelming & disappointing. Also, another sign that the writer’s didn’t plan ahead is that the skinny, Man in the Mask ends up being a bulky (overweight) man in order to accommodate the reveal. It’s just odd and unintentionally humorous.

This sounds like I hate the show. I don’t. I really like it. It’s still one of the best Superhero TV shows of all time. The cast is still great and likable, there are still some great sequences, twists and turns. This season’s just not as good as the last.


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