Arrow: Season 4

Season 4 of Arrow was a mixed bag at best.

The season started out okay, the 1st half introduced us to a compelling villain and I had high hopes for the remainder of the series.

Sadly, the show quickly became repetitive, uninspired & just dull.

Almost every action scene became boring & sometimes near incomprehensible due to bad editing. By the end of the season, they were just doing the same thing over and over again.

Characters became less interesting too. Most of them started to repeat themselves, having little else to do. For example, one character kept changing from being a villain & a hero so much so that it makes no sense that any others would trust him and yet, they welcome him back & don’t mention his constant side swapping. It’s ridiculous.

Luckily, there are a few standouts. An episode featuring Matt Ryan’s John Constantine for example, and a two-parter that somewhat sets the scene for sister show Legends of Tomorrow.

The only consistently good thing about the show is Emily Bett Rickards who is given almost all of the comic relief. One of the reasons she stands out is because her humour and presence brings the show to life. Even with her humour, the show takes itself far too seriously though.

Flashbacks have been a staple of Arrow since the beginning. They’ve also been the least consistent and often worst part of the show. This year, they’re flat out terrible. They feature dull, underdeveloped characters, little plot & they add next to nothing to the show except filler material.

Considering Arrow started the TV DC universe, it’s both interesting & a shame that it’s by far the worst show of the lot. At this point, except for a couple of the characters, there’s very little to like about it and the crossover potential with other shows is one of the only reasons I keep watching it.


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