Star Wars: Bloodline

Since the Star Wars expanded universe was rebooted, most of the books and comics etc have merely filled in little gaps. They haven’t exactly added a huge element to the universe, perhaps because certain bits of info are being reserved for the films, TV shows & games. Nonetheless, some of expanded universe material has been good. I’d advise any Star Wars fan to read Star Wars: Lost Stars.

With that being said, I was looking forward to a foray into the 30 year gap between the original & sequel trilogies that actually expanded the universe & provided worthwhile details. Star Wars: Aftermath failed to do this.

Due to the significant lack of this occurring in other books, I was very pleasing surprised to find that this book actually answers some big, major questions left by The Force Awakens film.

Obviously I won’t spoil stuff here. But, suffice to say, this book does a great job of setting the stage for The Force Awakens. There are only a few lingering questions I still have & I assume future films will answer them. Then again, I thought the questions answered here would’ve been in the films. Who know? Maybe they will someday.

Anyhow, the book itself is well written. The writer has nailed the voice of Leia and the new characters are pretty interesting throughout.

I only really had one issue with the book, it took a little while for things to get interesting. Approximately a 3rd of the way through. Once it did though, I couldn’t put it down. There are numerous twists and turns, some big revelations & moments and the ending is very satisfying.

I’d recommend this book to any Star Wars fan. Simply because it explains so much about the state of the galaxy and certain characters prior to The Force Awakens.


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