I really liked this.

I was surprised by how funny it was. Obviously, I knew there was a lot of humour in it. I didn’t expect it to be a full on comedy film though.

That being said, like any comedy film that constantly flings jokes at the audience, not all of them land. Some of them are intentionally bad and cheesy, others just aren’t good. There’s also a lot of in-jokes and references to real world people etc, these work really well but I imagine they’ll fail if people aren’t aware of the references.

While the genre may be comedy, this is a superhero film. Or an anti-hero film. That means there’s a lot of action. Luckily, that action is great. The R-rating really makes the action scenes standout amongst the crowd of action films these days. But, what’s impressive is how the film also uses action as a means of comedy. It’s not just there to wow people or provide excitement.

In terms of the cast, Ryan Reynolds is brilliant as Deadpool. This time, he actually gets to play the character the way he’s supposed to be. Let’s just forget the dismal Origins: Wolverine version of the character. In short, Reynolds does a fabulous job and he owns this film (he’s in pretty much every scene too).

Morena Baccarin plays his love interest. Together they have great chemistry & it’s credit to not only the performances but also the writing that you actually care for & sympathise with them. Sadly, like many superhero films, her character becomes a typical damsel in distress that requires saving.

The only real negative about the film is the villain. Ed Skrein is just not that good an actor. His performance is flat and his character is dull.

One thing I feel the need to mention is the marketing for the film. The marketing was great. But one thing that bugged me was the constant claims that this is the 1st ever R-rated superhero film. It’s not. Examples include Blade & Kick Ass (there are more). An argument could however be made that it’s the 1st mainstream r-rated superhero film or the 1st to be a part of a major franchise.

Anyhow. The film’s great. It’s a superhero film with great action, brilliant comedy and a surprising amount of heart & soul. That might sound a bit cheesy but you can tell the cast & crew loved making it because it shows.



  1. I liked it too. It was something different for a change, and a great mix of action and comedy. Ryan Reynolds really proved himself as a great Deadpool in my opinion. Nice review, are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?


      1. Well, if you’re interested, I’d love to help you get your writing seen on Moviepilot and Creators. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you’d like some more info. You can find my contact details on my About page. I’d love to hear from you.


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