Agent’s of SHIELD: Season 3

It’s hard to believe that this is the same show Joss Whedon made a couple years ago.

When it started, the show had underdeveloped characters, too much humour and it was far too procedural. Then, a little film called Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out and as if from nowhere, the show improved drastically.

The show now features a strong cast of very interesting characters and it has serialised storylines.

There’s a lot to praise this year. Like the previous season’s, the show features a strong supporting cast. Shoutouts have to go out to John Hannah and Powers Boothe, the former of which I’m hoping will return next season.

In the past, the show has suffered from being a spin-off & having to weave in and around the MCU movies. This year, things change a bit. There are subtle elements that lead into Captain America: Civil War but the show is far more focused on the Inhumans. So, the show is now significantly adding to the MCU. Hopefully, the Inhumans will feed into other Marvel films & shows, they’re a big addition & it would make a lot of sense.

Like previous season’s there are some amazing special effects and uses of CGI. It’s very impressive for a TV Show. Surprisingly, there are also some pretty great fight scenes this year (most of which feature the great Chloe Bennet).

There’s not a lot more to say without going into spoiler territory. The show is good. Better than good. I imagine a lot of people were thrown off by the 1st half of season 1. If so, it’s their loss.


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