E3 2016: Part 1

This will be a discussion of some of the big news items, announcements & reveals at E3 2016 (so far). It is NOT a discussion of the conferences themselves.

The 1st thing I want to talk about is Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’m a big Mass Effect fan so I was really looking forward to this. Then it happened and I was extremely disappointed. We didn’t get any announcements or information about the game. Instead, we got a pretty cool 2min trailer that showed brief glimpses of gameplay & confirmed everything we already knew about the game. This makes me think the game will get delayed again until at least late 2017. I hope it doesn’t, but why else are they not showing anything?

The next thing is Star Wars. Specifically the behind the scenes trailer that showed that there are Star Wars games being made. This was also extremely disappointing. We were already well aware of these games & this didn’t provide any new information. The very brief glimpse into the Visceral game was nice though.

Battlefield  1 & Titanfall 2 look interesting. I’m not a big FPS fan so I doubt I’ll be getting them. It’s nice to see the developers of Titanfall listening to some feedback & criticism and adding a single player campaign. It shows they care.

As for Telltales new games (Batman & Walking Dead), I’m impressed by the graphical improvements their new & improved engine provides. I’m also liking the cast for their Batman game. 

The remastered Skyrim looks pretty. I’m not sure how many people will play it, considering people have already played it for hundreds of hours. What’s really interesting is that mods will now be available for the game on consoles. That might win some people over who didn’t have the PC version of the game.

Also, FIFA now has a story mode. That’s interesting. Again, this isn’t a game I’ll be getting but I’m intrigued to see how a single player campaign will work in a football game. Other sports games have done it before, with mixed results.

As most people probably know, this years big innovation is VR. Both Doom & Fallout 4 will be available in VR later in the year. Doom seems like a smart choice, as it’s a FPS game. It’ll be interesting to see how Fallout manages with it though, as it’s both an FPS & 3rd Person game. Also, these will be the 1st major AAA games to be in VR. So far, VR has only been seen as short experiences, how will a potentially hundreds of hours long game like Fallout  4 play in VR? Will people be willing to be immersed in VR for such a long time?


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