DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 1

There’s not that much to say about Legends of Tomorrow. If you’ve seen Arrow, The Flash or Supergirl, you kinda know what to expect from this show.

The show is filled with action. It’s a shame that all these comic book based shows feel the need to emphasise the action. After a while, it becomes repetitive.

One of the highlights of this show is the cast. The cast is made up of supporting/guest stars from the previously mentioned sister shows. It’s great seeing Wentworth Miller & Dominic Purcell share the screen together. It’s all the more better if you’ve seen Prison Break (which is referenced via humorous in-jokes).

The only weak link of the cast is the villain. Casper Crump is fine, but the material he’s given is weak. Each time we see him, he’s reduced to being a snarling, stereotypical villain.

In terms of story, there’s not much of one. The team has been assembled to kill a man & save the world from future destruction. With such a story, things end up being dragged out. There are a handful of episodes in the middle of the series that do little to add to things. It’s also a bit odd how the story relies on the audience sympathising with a brand new, unknown character. Arthur Darvill is good, his character is also good, but I think it might have been wiser if the story focused more on an already established character.

The time travel elements are also a bit disappointing. At first, it’s a quirky idea that’s copied from Doctor Who. It opens up so many exciting possibilities. The problem is, perhaps due to budget restraints, the locations & time periods explored lack ambition.

The only times we see a truly interesting & different time period are an episode in the Wild West & one in Egypt via flashbacks.

Ultimately, there are only a few good episodes. A two-parter set in the 50s stands out for the way they explores social issues of the time & the final two episodes prove to be entertaining.

Legends of Tomorrow is by no means bad. It’s good. The cast is great & for the most part the special effects & actions scenes are too. The show just lacked ambition, a good villain & a compelling story. Hopefully that’ll change a bit in season 2.


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