Dad’s Army (2016)

The original Dad’s Army sitcom was one of the best ever made. It still holds up today, it’s repeated on TV all the time, it stills garners good ratings & it’s still funny.

When I first heard about this film being in development, I had serious doubts. Then I heard who was in it & for the most part, I was hopeful.

Sadly this film is terrible. It’s really, really bad.

The cast is fine. Most of them look & sound like the original cast. There are only a couple who don’t quite manage it (Walker & Hodges for example). The only problem with the cast is that they rarely act like the original cast. Toby Jones for example shares some of the original Mainwaring character’s traits but he’s essentially doing his own thing here. As are many others. This is a problem because the main reason the original sitcom was such a success was because the characters were so likable. Here, they’re not.

The biggest problem with the film is the script. This is supposed to be a comedy. I honestly only laughed once, maybe even twice throughout the film. The weird thing is, I’m not convinced that the filmmakers were even trying to make a comedy. Yes, there are bad jokes here and there but there are a lot of moments where I really don’t know if they were trying to be funny. With a script that adhered to the original sitcom a bit more & actually attempted to be funny, the impressive cast would’ve shined. Sadly, the cast has been wasted because of bad writing.

There’s not a lot left to say. It’s really sad that one of the greatest sitcoms of all time has been treat in such a manner. The film lacks almost everything that made the original show good. Even the impressive cast couldn’t save this mess.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted my usual short Twitter review of the film, is because I’ve so little to say about it. If I had to rate it, it would probably be a 3.5 out of 10.


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