Supergirl: Season 1

I had low expectations for this. Supergirl wasn’t a character I was too familiar with. Also, when it 1st aired, its relation to other DC shows such as Arrow & The Flash was unclear. Now, it’s officially part of the TV DC multiverse.

I was pleasantly surprised when I not only liked the show, I loved it. I’m actually thinking it’s one of the best amongst the DC shows.

The best thing about it is Melissa Benoist. Her quirky, humorous performance is brilliant. What’s weird for any sort of superhero show or movie is that her alias, Kara Danvers is far more interesting than her Supergirl character.

I found myself wanting to see more of her social & work life & less of her crime fighting life.

One of the possible reasons for this is the lack of a compelling villain. There are some interesting villains such as Indigo, LiveWire & Maxwell Lord who pop up every now & then, but the overall big bad is just dull. I’m not even sure what his name is, he’s severely underwritten & it’s not until very late in the series where you get some idea what his dastardly scheme is. His scheme by the way is ridiculous, I’m getting tired of stupid world domination/human extinction storylines. Surely there are other things a villain could want?

The only other issue I have with Supergirl are the similarities with its sister shows. At 1st I thought this might be a major problem for the show. I was worried it would end up being unoriginal & predictable. While the similarities are pretty overt at times, as the series progresses there are enough unique components & differences in the show that prevent this issue from being too bothersome.

Overall, I really liked Supergirl. Melissa Benoist is brilliant. I really can’t imagine anyone else playing the role now. A shoutout has to go to an episode focusing on Red Kryptonite, which is a great episode. Sadly, Supergirl lacks a good overall villain which makes the shows finale a bit underwhelming.


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