NES Classic mini

Recently, Nintendo revealed that they’re releasing a modernised version of their classic NES console (originally released in 1983 in Japan).

This version comes with 30 games already built into the console. The games include the likes of Metroid, Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man. The collection of games is pretty impressive but there are some glaring omissions.

One of the issues though, is that you can’t get more games. For example, if you’ve kept your old NES games, you can’t play them on this & Nintendo won’t be releasing any other games for this new console.

The best news about this is the price. It’s only £50/$60. Which, for the amount of content you’re getting, is incredibly cheap.

For me, a person who grew up in the 90s having never owned the original NES & having never played any of these games before, it’s a no brainer. I’m getting it. My only concern is that I’ve got to find room to put it in.


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