10 Cloverfield Lane

I loved this film… Until the end.

The ending is flat out terrible. I went from loving the film to almost hating it. Obviously, I won’t spoil anything, but the ending basically changes what the film is. It goes from being a suspenseful thriller to… Something completely different, and it’s just really stupid and silly.


The three leads are great. Particular praise has to be given to John Goodman who plays a very mysterious, creepy and villainous, Howard. He steals every scene he’s in.

As always, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a formidable lead. She does a good job of the emotional moments and she is also good at the more physical, action moments. For a film such as this, it’s nice to see an intelligent and formidable female character in the lead for a change.

There are numerous twists and turns, there’s a lot of suspense and mystery and even a touch of horror and action. There’s something for everyone in this film.

I was never bored, partly because of the brisk pacing. Usually, in films such as this (set in one location), the pacing is slow and methodical. The story tends to focus so much on the characters. Here however, you still get the character moments without any sense of the filmmakers trying to drag things out. It’s pretty impressive.

This is certainly a must watch film. Even though I hated the ending. I’m actually seriously annoyed, frustrated and disappointed about it. I’m not sure why the filmmakers felt the need to end it in such a manner. Everything else about the film is great.


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