Suicide Squad (2016 film)

What a disappointing mess of a film.

This was a film I was really looking forward to. I’m a big fan of Harley Quinn, Joker, Amanda Waller & the many other DC/Batman characters & stories. I was eagerly anticipating the long awaited live action film debut of Harley Quinn too.

Judging by the trailers, this should’ve been a film I loved. Instead, I’m honestly struggling to find anything good about the film. Usually, in situations like this, I’d clutch at straws and say the film had a good soundtrack or something like that. Here, I can’t even do that. Yes, there are some good songs in the film, but most of them are incredibly random & add little to proceedings.

The biggest problem with the film is that the story just didn’t make sense at times. The whole point of the Suicide Squad is that the team is supposed to be forced into doing deadly/dangerous missions instead of the proper military.

Here, the team gets sent into an attack zone along with an army who, as it turns out, has little to no problem handling the enemies themselves. (Even though a contradictory point is made earlier in the film, that bullets don’t work on the enemies!)

The team that’s assembled is also problematic. Little to no explanation is given for the specific recruiting of individual members. They never explain how or why a crazy girl with a baseball bat might be useful.

As for the cast. They’re the only saving grace of the film. None of them are scene stealers though, thanks to an underwritten script, terrible jokes & uninspired action scenes.

Margot Robbie is great as Harley Quinn, even though her character is over-sexualised & her jokes are badly edited, making them fall flat.

Will Smith is fine as Deadshot, even if his version of the character is a little different from the comic books.

Jared Leto however, is another problem. His version of the Joker is given little to do. His role is so small that it feels like they shoehorned him into most of it. The only useful things they do with him are in Harley Quinn’s flashbacks. (The various flashbacks by the way, occur very randomly & simply slow the pacing of the film down.)

As for the villains. They’re flat out terrible. I can’t discuss them in detail without going into SPOILERS. Cara Delevigne is flat out aweful as Enchantress. Her performance is cringeworthy & at times she looks like she’s either on drugs or she thinks she’s in a completely different film.

Unless you’re a fan of their comic book counterparts (like me), I imagine wider audiences will struggle to empathise with the majority of the characters or even know who they are.

There are tonnes of problems with Suicide Squad. I could could honestly go on all day. I’m disappointed & seriously annoyed with the film. The film simply crashes & burns, like the 3 helicopter crash scenes, yes there are 3 different helicopter crash scenes! It’s absolutely terrible.


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