Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Ultimate Cut

When BvS first came out in cinemas, I wasn’t a fan. It featured a poor story with some terrible characterisation & a dull finale.

I’m therefore glad that the ultimate cut fixes some of the issues. There are now scenes that fill in plot holes, elaborate on certain points, add character development & make the story less confusing & more cohesive. It’s not the best batman, superman or superhero story, but it now makes sense & it’s somewhat enjoyable.

That’s about all this cut of the film adds. There’s a bit more swearing & a bit of blood, but nothing that significant.

However, the major problems of the theatrical cut are still present. Batman still kills people left, right & centre, superman is still at odds with the dark tone of the film & Jesse Eisenberg still portrays Lex Luthor in name only. These are pretty significant flaws in the film, that are now somewhat forgivable. For example, there are hints of batman having hit a low point & changing his ways as a result & it’s kinda suggested that Lex Luthor is under someone’s influence (I don’t want to spoil it & say who), which might explain his uncharacteristicly quirky, zany ways.

However, for non comic book fans, these hints probably won’t be noticed at all. In a similar fashion, the jarring dream/vision sequence will still seem pointless & distracting & only comic book fans will know what it’s about.

There’s also the entire third act & the introduction of Doomsday. As soon as Doomsday enters the fray, the film just falls apart.

Ultimately, the Ultimate cut of BvS is a better film. If this version of the film was released in cinemas, I honestly believe it would’ve got a better reception. There’s more character development & fewer plot issues. The few other problems can almost be forgiven as a result. The film has went from being bad to pretty decent, so long as you can find a way to overlook some of the poor character choices & the inclusion of Doomsday.


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