Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky is one of the best films I’ve seen in some time.

As a thriller, the film does a great job of constantly building tension & suspense. There are numerous clever little distractions & problems the drone strike team has to somehow overcome. As a result, there are no dull or slow moments in the film & there are plenty of twists & turns that maintain interest.

In terms of production, the writing, directing & cinematography are all brilliant. Clearly, a lot of thought, research & attention to detail has gone into the creation of the film. Somewhat like the Bourne films, the film cleverly strives for a highly realistic approach that’s also reminiscent to the TV series, Homeland and the Splinter Cell video games. There are however a couple of questionable gadgets used that wouldn’t seem out of place in some of the older James Bond films. I’m no expert though, so maybe these gadgets actually exist.

Where the film truly triumphs is in the way in which it addresses the politics & legalities behind drone strikes. For example, the team constantly has to climb up the chain of command to get permission for the strike & they have to repeatedly question their methods & morals. It’s pretty impressive how the film manages to display an argument for and against the drone strike, & while the characters make a decision, I don’t believe the filmmakers force an opinion or view on the audience. This means that the audience is left to consider the issues presented & decide for themselves what the right decision was. This is a really good thing. A film that can entertain, educate, inform & make an audience think, is something special in my opinion.

The only area where the film falters is in the characters. None of the characters are all that interesting or well developed. Luckily, the film has a brilliant cast & the likes of Helen Mirren & the late Alan Rickman manage to add some depth to their otherwise dull characters, simply through star power & some thought provoking, powerful performances.

Eye in the Sky is a must watch. It handles an issue that is pretty significant and important in this day in age & it does so in an intelligent & thought provoking way.

Sadly, this is also the late, great Alan Rickman’s final film. It’s a worthy entry to his filmography and he pulls off a great performance. It’s therefore worth watching just to see one last performance by him.


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