PlayStation 4 Pro

What a disappointment.

I don’t think anyone was expecting anything too groundbreaking from the PS4 Pro. In essence this was rumoured to be a step up in console hardware. Sadly, it really isn’t.

The PS4 Pro is capable of 4K gaming and streaming as well as HDR content. The big problem with this is that neither 4K or HDR gaming does much, if anything, to improve a game. Yes, it might look better, but it won’t make it play better.

With better technology, games might load faster & run smoother, but that’s a very minor detail.

The big problem is that the Xbox One S is also capable of HDR content & with an upcoming patch, so will the current PS4. On top of that, the One S can play 4K Blu-ray Discs, while the Pro can’t! That’s utterly baffling as Sony is essentially ignoring/snubbing one of their other major products.

Plus, in order to stream content on Netflix in 4K, you need a top tier Netflix account.

Considering the fact that someday in the next few years, a new PlayStation console will be announced as the PS5, the PS4 Pro is a bit pointless, unless you currently have a 4K HDR TV, along with a top tier Netflix account to stream films/TV shows in 4K.


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