I’m a comic book reader. I’m currently reading the Fables series as well as The Walking Dead, but I like a large variety of comics such as Batman & Star Wars to some more obscure books.

One of the problems I’m having these days is a lack of shelf space. I’ve already started buying Films, TV Shows & books digitally, in an attempt to combat this. Now, I’m doing the same with comics.

In order to do this, I’ve discovered a website called Comixology. The best way to describe Comixology is to say that it’s a comic book version of Netflix or Amazon (the latter of which actually owns Comixology).

The website is great. It’s got pretty much all of the major Marvel and DC releases (past, present & future) as well as the works from Vertigo and Image comics & smaller, independent comic book publishers. I really see no need to visit a shop like Forbidden Planet anymore, this site has everything they have and more.

Comixology doesn’t just save on shelf space. From what I’ve seen, most of the digital comics are cheaper and the ability to subscribe to a series or to the site itself, means that a reader doesn’t have to worry about missing an issue of their favourite series.

With its large backlog, its simple design & good descriptions of books; finding & discovering a book or series is easier than ever. This is something you can’t really do in a real shop, because a real shop can only stock so much & you don’t always have a chance to read, discover & explore.

In short, Comixology will change how I consume comic books. There’s no doubt about that. Reading something on my phone or tablet is simply easier than craning my neck & holding a book. I’ve already discovered books I’ve never heard of & long running series like X-Men and Spider-Man are now much more appealing because the site clearly distinguishes between different series’s. In other words, finding the right entry point into a long running series is now easy & less overwhelming or jarring.

My only regret is that as a slow reader, subscribing to the site itself wouldn’t be worth the money. There’s plenty I want to read, but I’d not be able to read enough to merit the cost. Luckily I can just buy each comic as I want it.


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