Batman: The Telltale Series. Episode 2. Children of Arkham

Episode 2 of Telltale’s Batman is an improvement over the first. That’s not to say that the 1st was bad, because it wasn’t.

The storytelling is smoother, more engaging and more original. There are some genuinely surprising events/moments here that twist the Batman mythos into something unique & original.

The clunky exposition of the 1st episode is now also gone (almost). There aren’t any awkward reminders of Bruce’s parents dying. The dialogue is better and the voice acting is better too.

Troy Baker has now grown into the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. In the 1st episode, he didn’t seem right for it, but now he does a pretty good job & it seems more natural and nuanced.

Gameplay is also brisker this time around due to less variety & fewer exploratory segments. This would normally be a negative point, but the story and character moments are interesting & engaging enough to make up for it. The action scenes are also better in this episode, there’s one particular fight scene in a bar that’s just really fun thanks to quick, intuitive interaction, an enjoyable soundtrack & good animation.

Sadly, on my Xbox One I noticed some of Telltale’s old problems resurfacing. Frame rates dropped a bit, lip sync faltered & scene changes had unusually long loading times. This is disappointing because none of these were present in the 1st episode.

The second episode of Telltale’s Batman is a fun, engaging one. While the first episode was heavy on exposition & setup, this one hits the ground running and it does some very interesting things that make it a very unique interpretation of Batman. I’m now eagerly anticipating the next episode and I’m hoping it continues to surprise me.


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