Green Room

I’ve got mixed thoughts about Green Room. I neither liked nor disliked it.

One of the problems I have with the film is in its classification as a horror film. It’s not scary. I could understand if it was classed as a thriller, because there are a couple of thrilling moments in the film. The only horror elements I could spot, include the dark tone of the narrative & the use of gore.

One of the best horror techniques is to hide whatever is causing the horror. Fear of the unknown is quite a powerful thing. However, Green Room doesn’t do this at all. As soon as things get going, we know exactly who is causing the horrific events. On a side note, it takes a little too long for things to really get going & for a 90min film, that’s not good.

Another problem I have relates to the film’s overall message. I’m really not sure what the message is. It seems the film is trying to say that neo-nazi’s are bad, but don’t we already know that? It could also be trying to advocate the need for justice. Beyond that, the film has little substance or purpose.

There’s also a major problem relating to the main characters. They’re not that well developed & they’re not that interesting as a result. Like nearly all horror films, they’re also stupid. For some bizarre reason, it takes an incredibly long time for any of them to question what’s going on & why. They also do some pretty silly & odd things. Luckily, the acting is pretty good.

The saving grace of the film is Patrick Stewart. He steals the show & he’s the most interesting character in the film. Sadly, we don’t see enough of him, he never really does much & we don’t really get to know him that much.

Green Room is proficient as a sub-par thriller. The cast gives it there all, despite being saddled with poor characters. There’s some good use of gore & the dark tone is well used, but this isn’t a horror. The overall story isn’t interesting enough either & it lacks subtext.


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