The Nice Guys

I loved this film.

It works on pretty much every level. Not only is it hilarious, the characters and the story are interesting enough to satisfy viewers not after a comedy. The action scenes are also pretty good.

The film is at its best when focusing on its two leads. Gosling & Crowe have great chemistry together. They perfectly make up for each others deficiencies and they each provide their own sort of action & comedy.

I’ve never been that much of a Ryan Gosling fan. I’ve never really thought he was that good an actor. Now, my opinion has changed because he’s brilliant in this. He has some of the best moments in the film and it turns out he’s great at physical comedy.

The way the film mixes classic film noir with comedy is very impressive. These two genres don’t always mix well. It’s testament to a great script and good direction that everything works here.

The only time the film ever really falters is in its use of a dream/vision sequence. This sequence is very small and minor but it comes out of nowhere with little explanation. It feels odd and out of place.

The Nice Guys is a brilliant film. If you’re after a buddy cop film loaded with comedy, this is for you. If you’re after a good mystery in the style of classic noir, it’ll also work.


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