The Siege of Jadotville

I think I liked this film far more than I should have.

Technically speaking, it’s nothing special. It’s essentially a war biopic that places an emphasis on the action rather than the people involved. It’s more of an action film than a historical re-telling of an event.

In terms of character & story, the film does the bare minimum it has to. Characters are underdeveloped & uninteresting, this means that when the battle happens, I didn’t care who lived or died. The cast does however do the best they can with the material they’re given, but it’s really only the recognisable names/faces that stand out.

The story meanwhile is established pretty quickly. I get the feeling that a lot of elements were ignored or altered though. For example, the political points surrounding the battle are only briefly explored. The film would’ve been better had it explored some of these elements in greater detail. It would’ve added a bit more depth & understanding to proceedings.

Luckily, the action scenes are great. The director does a great job of creating tension & there are some really good uses of creativity throughout these scenes.

The cinematography is good too. There are some good shots of the African vistas (I’m not sure if it was filmed there). There are some shots that are a bit reminiscent of Apocalypse Now & other well known war films.

If you’re expecting a war film with interesting characters & an in depth story, this isn’t it. You only get the bare necessities, enough to have an understanding of what’s going on. The action scenes prevent the film from being an outright failure & instead they turn it into a fun, entertaining film that’s worth a watch if you’re not after something ‘too heavy.’


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