X-Men: Apocalypse 

X-Men: Apocalypse is a perfectly fine superhero film. However, with the large amount of superhero films coming out these days, perfectly fine doesn’t quite cut it.

There are 4 problems with the film.

The first is that the film is very unoriginal and predictable. If you’ve seen any of the previous X-Men films, you know exactly what to expect & you get very little except that. For comic book fans, if you know the characters’ backgrounds & abilities, you’ll also be able to predict pretty much everything that happens in the film.

The second problem is that the cast is just too big. The film is overstuffed with people which results in a stop & start 1st half & large moments where characters are just sitting around, doing nothing.

Luckily, the cast is great. I liked all the new additions to the lineup & I think particular praise has to be given to Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey.

The third problem with the film is it’s over reliance on CGI. Like many superhero films, the final act essentially becomes a big CGI display of destruction. This is problematic because the CGI isn’t exactly brilliant and the X-Men stories & characters deserve better.

The final problem is the biggest problem. Sadly, the villain is pretty dull. He looks stupid, his abilities are never fully explained and his motives are vague. As a result, the story ends up lacking much in the way of emotional impact or subtext. This means that when the world is potentially coming to an end, as a viewer, I didn’t really care.

There are some other good things about the film. I liked how the film returns the X-Men to their teenage roots & I also liked the Quicksilver scene (just like the previous film).

As a finale to a trilogy, Apocalypse is a bit disappointing. The cast is the highlight of the film, the villain is the worst part of it. It’s by no means the worst X-Men film, there are 2 or 3 others that could be considered such, but it is one of the lesser entries in the series.


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