The Crown: Season 1

What a great show.

The Crown is supposedly one of the most expensive TV shows ever made, and it shows. The production values are brilliant, the score is good and the directing, acting & writing are fabulous. Each episode has the look and feel of a big budget, period film.

I expect the show will get a lot of attention come award season.

One area where The Crown somewhat falters (only slightly), is in the story. The story is simple, it shows the ascension to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II. As such, there’s not much going on, there’s little forward momentum & there’s next to no apparent goal. This is a very minor issue though, the actors and the writing are good enough to carry the show without a clear story. It’s a character driven show.

In order to convey this ascension and to focus on certain events and moments in time, the show features some jarring time jumps. This can be a bit distracting at times & it gives the show a rushed feeling. I can’t help but wonder what exactly has been overlooked as a result.

I also have to praise the show for its educational and informative value. As someone who knows little about the Royal Family & as someone who cares less about them, I still found the show to be highly engaging and interesting. This is of course assuming that events and characters are portrayed somewhat accurately (which they probably aren’t).

In short, The Crown is one of the best new shows of 2016. I highly recommend it and I think it’ll appeal to people who not only have an interest in the Royal Family, but to those who really don’t.


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