Star Trek: Beyond

Star Trek: Beyond is a fun, entertaining and worthy entry in the rebooted Star Trek franchise. That being said, it’s not without its problems.

One of the issues I had relates to the story. While very interesting and enjoyable, when the film finished I still had unanswered questions. There aren’t plot holes per say but there are a couple of plot points that lack detailed explanation.

Another problem is that the film is completely predictable. All of the twists and turns are heavily foreshadowed, making their reveals underwhelming. Nothing happens in the film that I couldn’t see coming a mile off.

Luckily, these issues don’t really matter when the cast is this good and the action scenes are brilliant. There’s one action scene early in the film that’s very good and it’s probably the best part of the film.

This Star Trek film is co-written by Simon Pegg. As expected, there’s a bit more comedy in it. The comedy is great, it makes the characters more appealing and it helps the film take on a fun tone. However, the opening scene of the film is essentially a comedy sketch and it’s terrible. The opening scene feels really out of place but luckily, it only lasts a couple of minutes.

Star Trek: Beyond is a worthy entry into the Star Trek franchise. It’s probably one of the better films in the franchise. The cast, action and comedy are all great, but the film lacks much in the way of surprises and it’s completely predictable.


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