Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters is a film surrounded in controversy. Most of which came before the film was even released.

A large sum of people were unhappy about a beloved film being remade/rebooted. I too was very unhappy about it. A large sum of people were also very unhappy to learn that this reboot would star women in the lead roles. Personally, I didn’t care one way or another about the cast. I had faith in them.

I really wanted to like this film and I really tried. But I just didn’t. The 2016 reboot of Ghostbusters is just bad. It’s also worse than Ghostbusters II, which is quite a feat, because that film’s not good.

This film is just filled with problems. There’s far too much CGI, a lot of which is really bad, the jokes repeatedly fall flat and the pacing is all over the place.

Luckily, the cast is the best thing about the film. The main cast, that is. The four female leads are fine, even if their characters are a little underdeveloped, stereotypical and they lack much in the way of a character arc. The highlight has to be Kate McKinnon, she has the most interesting and quirky character plus some of the very few jokes that actually work.

It was heavily advertised that the stars of the original films (minus Harold Ramis & Rick Moranis) would be in this film. They certainly light up the screen when they’re on it, but they’re not on it enough, they feel shoehorned into the film & they’re not given any funny material.

In my opinion, the original Ghostbusters is one of, if not the greatest comedy film ever made. I thought a reboot instead of a sequel was a very bad idea & I thought Paul Feig was an odd choice to write/direct it. His style of comedy just isn’t a fit for this franchise. This Ghostbusters film is therefore a poor entry into the series & its only saving grace is the cast, who got harshly & preemptively judged before the film came out.


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  1. I am okay with an all female Ghostbusters movie in theory. Many anime shows I like have all female teams for example. This movie unfortunately didn’t do it for me either. Yeah, the CG ghost designs weren’t great. I prefer the old creature effects over neon glowing spooks.

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