Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is a formidable, but pretty generic spy thriller that adds next to nothing to the franchise.

Very little actually happens in Jason Bourne. The majority of the film is spent watching people walking around or running. Noticeably, these scenes feature a tense but unoriginal soundtrack that provides the only real sense of tension or excitement.

There are some pretty good fight scenes in the film but the final sequence in Las Vegas is the standout. One of the big problems with some of the action scenes is that they’re presented with very erratic shaky camera angles. This adds a realistic, documentary style element to them & kind of heightens viewer immersion, but it also makes a lot of the actual events near incomprehensible.

The big problem with the film is that it lacks purpose. We learn very little about the titular character, he hardly even speaks and there’s next to no subtext, meaning or message in the film. Nothing of major value or significance at least.

Luckily, the cast are good. All of the characters are shallow and stereotyped but the cast manages to make them somewhat appealing.

Jason Bourne is the worst entry into the Bourne franchise yet. The cast is good and the final action sequence is great but there’s little else in the film of any value.


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