Don’t Breathe

I’m not a fan of horror films. I rarely find them scary and I think they often reuse characters and stories, both of which rarely have much in the way of development. However, a horror film that does this can still be good. Don’t Breathe is one example.

One of the reasons I liked Don’t Breathe is because it creates horror via tension rather than through the use of jump scares. Yes, there are jump scares, but they’re not obvious nor are they overused.

Another reason I liked the film was because it’s well made and directed. The film constantly keeps the action going. It never really slows down. One scene in particular is really well done. The scene in question takes place in complete darkness with the colours subverted. The film also uses sound in a very clever way. There are many scenes in the film in which there’s no soundtrack at all and the viewer is put in the position of the intruders, having to silent traverse the house.

Another thing i liked was the villain, played by Stephen Lang. The villain is good because you never really know if he is a villain or not. Technically speaking, he’s the victim of the film. It is after all his house that’s being robbed. As the film progresses though, questions are raised as to who this man is.

Sadly, there’s one scene in the film that I thought was completely unnecessary and pretty disturbing. I won’t spoil what this scene is, but it’s pretty disgusting and it takes the film into a whole new, unexpected direction that I wasn’t keen on.

The main thing about the film I disliked were the protagonists. There are three of them and like typical horror films, they’re not very likable. The film makes you want to see them suffer and die. Even the main character and her primary friend, who are presented as somewhat sympathetic, fall flat because of a lack of development. I simply didn’t care about the characters at all.

Don’t Breathe is one of the better horror films in recent years. It does a good job at providing surprises and creating tension. It has a great villain but poor protagonists and there’s one scene I really didn’t like at all. For fans of horror, I’d recommend it, it has all of the famous horror tropes we’re all used to.


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