Sneaky Pete: Season 1

The first season of Sneaky Pete is probably Amazon’s best attempt so far at rivalling streaming network, Netflix. It’s a good show, featuring an interesting premise loaded with possibilities, a good cast and some great moments and surprises throughout.

It’s not without its problems though. About halfway through the series, things get a little convoluted. There are that many lies, that many tricks and deceits and a lot of moving parts. Things gradually build up and become a tad convoluted. It’s sometimes hard to remember who knows what. In a somewhat related topic, it can at times be hard to believe that the characters would fall for these lies, tricks and claims etc. They do a good job of making sense out of them, but it’s a little far fetched at times.

Another problem with the show is co-creator and co-star, Bryan Cranston. His performance isn’t bad, far from it. But somewhere along the lines, the writers flat out failed to develop his character, making him a very stereotypical gangster figure. Cranston does his best but it’s not enough, this results in the series having a poor antagonist whose own storyline never picks up steam until the end of the series.

Speaking of the end of the series. I have to commend the final two episodes, which do a great job of brining all the storylines and threads together into a two part finale. There’s a twist that I never saw coming and while I’m a little dubious as to whether it makes sense, it was satisfying seeing it happen. I’m also eagerly awaiting season 2, because things end on a very intriguing note.

Sneaky Pete is a good show that’s troubled with over complicated and somewhat convoluted storylines. I’d strongly recommend binge watching it, in order to grasp onto and remember everything. There are fun twists and moments throughout the first season and things wrap up in a very satisfying conclusion.


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