Santa Clarita Diet: Season 1

Santa Clarita Diet is an unusual show. It took me a few episodes to actually decide whether or not I liked it. Having finished the series, I’m still not entirely sure but I’m leaning towards thinking it’s good.

The show presents an odd, humorous and unique take on the zombie. This isn’t about the end of the world or about killing zombies. There’s actually only one zombie in it and that zombie can do everything a normal person can. This makes the general premise of the show very interesting because you don’t really know what’ll happen. This type of zombie hasn’t been seen before (as far as I’m aware).

The cast is great. I want to highlight Timothy Olyphant though. He does a great job of playing against type as the rather quirky, safe and bewildered husband & father. He’s clearly enjoying himself every time we see him and much of the humour of the series comes from his reactions to events.

As a comedy, Santa Clarita Diet is a mixed bag. When it’s funny, it’s really funny. There are a handful of episodes that are really good, but there are also a few disappointing ones that fail to provide many laughs. The show also veers into childish comedy, every now and then, which is often at odds with the tone and story.

There’s also a lot of gore. I wouldn’t say this is a horror by any means. The gore is used for shock and humour but some people will definitely be put off by it.

Santa Clarita Diet is a good show… I think. It’s certainly not bad. It’s odd and unusual. It’s often very funny and gory. It presents an enjoyable cast with a fresh, unique take on the zombie genre. I’m looking forward to see more of it, even if the show ventured off into less funny territory at the end of the season.


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