Suits: Season 6

Suits has always been a show filled with ups and downs. One of the reasons I initially liked it was because of its premise. It was about a man with a photographic memory who cons his way into getting a job as a lawyer, despite having no qualifications.

As the show has progressed, it’s been a mix of character driven soap opera and courtroom drama. That’s great, I like that. All the while, it continued to draw upon its basic premise and the inevitable end game and goal of the series – when & how will they get caught?

The problem with season 6 is that the end game has already happened. The show is now plodding along with no end in sight. It’s lost all purpose and momentum. The 1st half of the season, for example, turns into a dull, stereotypical prison drama. It’s not even trying to be the same show anymore!

The second half of the season does try to turn the show back around and it almost succeeds. Sadly, I no longer know what Suits is about. I don’t know why it’s still going on. It feels like the writers are deliberately dragging it out and I don’t think the characters are good enough to maintain my interest for much longer.


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