Iron Fist: Season 1

When you make a cinematic universe, it’s inevitable that you’re going to have high and low points. 

So far, the MCU has mostly consisted of high points. Thor: The Dark World was probably the worst MCU film so far & that wasn’t too bad. Now, Iron Fist has arrived and it’s terrible. Plain and simple.

The show is filled with problems. The story is generic & boring, mixing elements from Batman Begins & Doctor Strange. The cast is mostly well acted but their characters aren’t that interesting and the fight scenes are uninspired, poorly captured & performed.

The worst thing about Iron Fist though, is Iron Fist. I’m really not familiar with the original comic book iteration so I can’t make comparisons. However, this Danny Rand is annoying, he constantly makes bad decisions and Finn Jones feels completely miscast in the role. Not once was I convinced that he’s a martial arts expert. It also doesn’t help that his origins and backstory are only vaguely touched upon. 

The fights scenes would normally be a consolation prize in a bad TV show. Sadly that can’t be said here. The fights often come across as well rehearsed dances rather than aggressive, violent encounters. They’re often edited really badly, revealing bad choreography and errors and they’re just not that exciting.

One thing I really want to praise is Jessica Hdneick who plays Colleen Wing. She’s a scene stealer and I wish this was her show. Her fight scenes are also pretty good, so maybe it’s the acting that’s bad in all the others?

I also quite liked David Wenham, but his dialogue was a little hammy at times and he was in it more than he needed to be.

Iron Fist is by far the worst part of the MCU so far. I’m actually hoping it doesn’t get renewed for a second season because I really don’t want to watch Finn Jones in the role again. That being said, he will be in the upcoming Defenders TV show, which is a little worrying.


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