April 2017: Easter, Mass Effect & Star Wars

Towards the end of March, Mass Effect: Andromeda was released. I’m a pretty big Mass Effect fan, so I had high expectations. Sadly the game was disappointing.

It’s by no means a bad game. It’s good. I really want to point that out. I’ve played a lot of it so far & I plan on playing a lot more. 

The problem is that it’s not on par with the previous games. In any way shape or form. An argument could be made that the combat is better. It’s certainly enjoyable and there’s a lot of cool powers & abilities, but it plays just like the others in my opinion.

Other gameplay elements are fine, but there’s a lot of repetition and there are tonnes of tedious fetch quests. In terms of missions & variety, the game feels really dated & Bioware should have payed a lot more attention to The Witcher 3, who practically mastered this.

The story and the characters are fine too, but they often rehash elements and character types from previous games. There’s little new or inventive in the game. When the story does get good (usually on the main quest line), it can be really good.

Another game that I’ve played is the first episode of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s fun and enjoyable and based on this episode, I think it could potentially be on its way to being one of Telltale’s best. My only minor gripe is that is clearly inspired from the hit movie. That’s completely understandable, considering the movie fans are probably the biggest audience, but I would have liked a more original approach to the series.

Sticking with comic book adaptations, I’ve been watching Legion. I have really mixed feelings about it. I think it’s more style than substance. The look of the show is great, the way the story is told is interesting but often confusing and unnecessary and everything else is really mediocre.

It’s saying something when I only liked one of the characters in the entire first season, and that character wasn’t the lead character. 

I feel like the filmmakers were trying too hard to be weird and different. The result is a fairly basic superhero origins story that’s disguised by the style of the filmmaking.

It was also Easter in April. A typical Burton family Easter features a family gathering at my grandma’s home. It also features more than just the Burton family. Basically, what happens is that we all get together, greet one another and chat and then we have a meal. For the first time, we actually had a buffet this year. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m not complaining.

Once we’ve all ate, we then gather in the living room to play games. Games such as darts, blankety blank and another physical game I’m not sure how to spell. The big game we play though is a game we invented & it’s simply called The Egg Game.

The Egg game is a silly, simple game. Each person gets a hard boiled egg. The aim is to take it in turns, hitting your egg against an opponents egg, in an attempt to crack it. Each egg has two lives (a top and bottom). The last person to have at least one uncracked end of an egg, wins.

It’s a weird, silly game but one that has over the years gotten far more competitive than it should have. It’s a tradition & it wouldn’t be Easter without it.

Star Wars: Celebration happened this month too. I went to Celebration last year & it’s one of the highlights of my life so far. So, I was really disappointed to have not gone this year. 

Anyhow, there were a few big reveals/announcements this year. The big one was of course The Last Jedi’s trailer. The trailer was fine, perhaps slightly underwhelming. I’m glad that these Star Wars trailers are being abnormal and secretive. In comparison to most modern film trailers, which often reveal the entire plot of the film. I like going into a film with only a basic idea of what it is. I don’t need nor want elaborate details on the story or characters, especially in this franchise.

Keeping with Star Wars. I finished season three of Star Wars Rebels. This was a great season with some of the best episodes in its run. The highlight was the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn into Star Wars canon. It’s a little disappointing that he’s not exactly how I envisioned/imagined him in the brilliant Thrawn trilogy of books, plus I’m worried that he might not survive the events of Rebels, because I still want to see a live action version of him. That being said, he’s very well portrayed by Lars Mikkelsen and many of this season’s best bits revolved around him.

Finally, I’ve also been watching The Night Manager, having missed it when it first aired. To summarise, it’s great. I really liked Tom and Hugh in it.

Speaking of Tom, having watched The Night Manager, I now really want him to play James Bond. He’s a good actor, always has been. The only challenge I can see him having as Bond is that he has a very slim physique. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it would be a little different from previous incarnations of Bond. It might also affect how impactful his action scenes might seem.


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