13 Reasons Why (2017 TV Series)

13 Reasons Why is a good show. That doesn’t really matter though. What matters is how important and relevant the show is.

The themes and messages in the show are powerful. They’re conveyed in a slow, realistic manner that makes the show hard to watch at times. It’s depressing and emotional. But that’s a good thing because it has to be. A show focusing on suicide, bullying and growing up has to be this way.

I was impressed by the serious, accurate portrayal of high school life. I was actually surprised by how similar characters and events were to those I experienced and knew in my high school days. It made the show very interesting for me.

I have to commend the two lead characters. Their performances were brilliant and I would say Emmy worthy. I should note that I found myself spotting similarities between myself and these characters though. This is important because it probably affected how well I related to them. My views on them are therefore biased.

If you have no interest in the show or if you’re hesitant to watch such an emotionally charged, depressing and challenging show, I completely understand. However, this is a show that needs and demands that you watch it regardless. 


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