Train to Busan

Train to Busan is one of the best zombie movies in years. I could end the review there, but I won’t.

What makes it so good, is that it’s both clever and creative. There are scenarios and situations in the film that are impressive and surprising. Considering the fact that most of the film takes place aboard a train, the filmmakers really come up with some interesting ways to maintain interest. 

There’s also a lot of subtext and character in the film. There are themes and issues at play here, which makes this more than just a zombie movie. However, some of these elements are less than subtle in delivery.

The film has a heart. The major characters are interesting, if a bit stereotypical and the filmmakers really do a good job of making you care about them. There’s a pretty impactful scene towards the end of the film that really exemplifies this.

There are some good action scenes too. In another surprising twist, for a zombie film, the action scenes are pretty tame and the film lacks much in the way of gore. This means Train to Busan is a much more accessible zombie film than what’s usually on offer.

Sadly, there is one big problem. That problem is that it is a zombie film. This means that it sticks to the age old tropes of the genre and while the film is clever and creative, it doesn’t do much to reinvent the genre. The zombies, for example, are pretty typical and characters often do questionable things that leads them to death. At this point, there’s little new stuff anyone can do in the genre. 

Train to Busan is a great film. I would also say it’s one of the best zombie films ever made. The only real problem is that it sticks to the age old tropes and formulas of the genre.


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