Bloodline: Season 3

The first season of Bloodline was pretty good. It was well acted, well written and visually gorgeous. It did a great job of establishing a mystery and making you want to know the answers. The only real problem the season had was that it was poorly paced, meandering and sluggish at times.

When the second season started, I was dubious. Without spoiling the end of the first season, I knew the second would have to be drastically different. It was, but not in a good way.

The second season became predictable and it was filled with crime and thriller cliche’s and stereotypes. There was very little original material in it and even less entertaining material. The best parts of the season were the flashbacks, but even they felt forced and they weren’t always relevant. To top it all off, the season still suffered from the previous pacing issues.

With the third season billed as the final season, I was relieved and hopeful. I thought the writers would hit the ground running and wrap things up in a good way. Sadly, I was wrong. The third season takes a serious nosedive. It’s terrible.

Acting is fine, but now the characters and storylines are just annoying. The characters are now so despicable that it makes it incredibly hard to relate to them. Halfway through the season, the only really likeable character vanishes and little explanation is given. They do appear again, but their role is drastically reduced for some reason.

The story is just as bad. Things are fine for the most part. It’s a bit more original and it has some decent moments. Towards the end though, everything falls apart big time. We get little closure, little explanation and at times it’s uncertain what is and isn’t happening, thanks to a mess of an episode that’s made up entirely of dreams/visions.

Bloodline had potential. It could’ve been great. Parts of the first season were great. Sadly, the finished product is far from that. As it turns out, Bloodline is a slow, tedious show that hooks you in only to disappoint and go nowhere. What a shame.


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