Prison Break: Season 5

If there was ever a show that didn’t need reviving, it was Prison Break. 

The original four season run of Prison Break started off very well. Thanks to a writer’s strike, the quality of the show dropped in season 3, and then the show changed genres and became something very different in season 4. Season 4 then ended in a clear, definitive way. How could they bring it back then?

The answer, in an awkward, hard to believe way. I’m being vague because I don’t want to spoil anything. In short, the writers have came up with a stupid, unintentionally funny way to circumnavigate the way the original run finished.

That somewhat touches upon the biggest problems with this season. The writing. It’s almost as if in the absence, the writers have forgotten how to write. The first rule of screenwriting is ‘show don’t tell.’ Here, they fail big time. The first few episodes have characters talking to themselves and explaining what they’re doing, as they’re doing it. It’s lazy and it assumes the audience is stupid.

Another issue the show has is its representation of certain characters. There are tonnes of stereotypes, some poor acting and bad dialogue. This results in a possibly racist view on certain characters and their culture. It’s pretty inappropriate.

Things improve throughout its run though. Side characters get further development and the stakes and story get more interesting. There are twists, turns and revelations throughout, some of which are pretty preposterous, and despite some of its problems, the show is somewhat enjoyable, as long as you stick with it. However, this isn’t the Prison Break of old and it is undoubtedly the worst season of the show.


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