My E3 2017 Predictions 

E3 is very soon. For those that don’t know, E3 is probably the biggest video game event of the year. It’s a multi-day event consisting of conferences, panels, announcements and big reveals. So, I’ve gathered my predictions for what might be at this years event.

New Splinter Cell 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sam Fisher. The last game was Splinter Cell: Blacklist in 2013, so it’s about time we got a new one.

We already know it’s in development, they confirmed it when Blacklist was released and then went silent. Rumours also suggest that Michael Ironside might be returning to the role of Sam Fisher too. 

Release Dates

I think we’ll be getting a lot of release dates this year. I’m not going to go into great detail but I’ll list the games and provide my predicted release date.

Detroit: Become Human – Fall 2018

God of War – Nov/Dec 2017

Cuphead – Oct 2017

Super Mario Odyssey – Nov 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC

We know the game is getting single player DLC. I don’t know if we’ll be getting an exact release date, but I think we’ll get a trailer and maybe even a gameplay demo.

Star Wars Battlefront II VR

The game comes out in November. We know it’ll be at E3 and we already know some of the stuff we’ll see from it. I think we’ll find out more about the game modes and more specifically, I think we’ll find out about some sort of PSVR content.

Now for something a little bold, I wouldn’t be surprised if this VR content is akin to Resident Evil VII’s VR content. I predict that the entire campaign of Battlefront II is playable in VR.

Batman: Arkham spin-off

Whether it’s from Rocksteady or WB Montreal, I think we’ll find out what the next game in this universe will be.

I don’t necessarily think it’ll be a batman game, it could very well be a Superman or Justice League game. 

I also don’t think we’ll see much of it. I think we’ll get a small teaser or at most a little trailer. Neither of which will feature actual gameplay.

Well, those are my predictions. Some are obvious, others are a little bolder. Knowing my luck, I’m probably completely wrong. Note that I haven’t mentioned the Scorpio or Call of Duty etc because we already know they’ll be there and any predictions about those are a little easier to make.


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