John Wick: Chapter 2

The original John Wick was a surprise hit. Critically and commercially. Chapter 2 is even better.

Like the original, there’s great action, brilliant fight choreography and an impressive cast.

Unlike the original, there’s now a better story with a bit more to it. The story in John Wick was by no means bad, it was very well done and emotional but it was a pretty generic revenge story. Chapter 2 doesn’t add much to it, but there is more character and world development and there are a few twists and turns, even if they’re not that surprising.

One element of Chapter 2 that’s simply brilliant are the visuals. This is a very stylish, artistic looking film. It’s stunning and there are some great uses of lighting. I want to commend and highlight the finale of the film for this. The finale takes place in a hall of mirrors filled with flashing lights and moving parts. It’s very impressive and i felt like it was an homage to/update on the similar scene in The Man with the Golden Gun (one of my favourite James Bond films).

John Wick is a very impressive, entertaining action film with great visuals and direction. It’s only  minor faults are its story and characters, which often feel a tad generic and limited.


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