E3 2017

The major press conferences of this years E3 are over and done with. A lot was revealed and announced, some of which we knew of beforehand, other things were a bit more surprising.

First, lets talk about the Xbox One X. The console itself looks great, it’s small, sleek and stylish. In terms of technology, that info is way above my knowledge but it sounds good, I think. It’s more of an upgrade than a new console. Then there’s the price. It’s expensive. This is a console that I imagine only a select few will ever get. It’s a console only a select few will even benefit from, due to the slow growth of 4K content and TV ownership. Ultimately, I don’t think the price justifies the content, yes it’s high end and it needs to be that price, but it’s just not worth it. Apparently, Microsoft is selling the console at a loss too! This isn’t what Microsoft should’ve done and there’s now little chance of them ever catching up to PlayStation in this console generation.

Another reveal was of a game called A Way Out. This game looks awesome. Sadly, it’s a co-op multiplayer game only and I’ve got nobody to play it with. I can’t imagine it playing very well via online multiplayer either, but I could be wrong. This approach will no doubt limit the audience and sales of the game too. Despite how good the game looks and the fact that I’m itching to give it a go, I doubt I ever will actually play it.

We also saw more of Star Wars Battlefront II. My prediction about its VR content didn’t come true though. The game does look good and it’s incredibly pretty. My only concern is that they’re not showing the campaign in action. With so much emphasis being placed on the campaign in this game, it’s odd how they’re not showing it. I’m sure we’ll see more of it in due time.

Nintendo made a big splash this year too. They showed off the upcoming Mario game and revealed their Zelda DLC. The big takeaway from their conference though is probably the reveal of Metroid Prime 4. This is a game people have been waiting a long time for, I’m not a Nintendo fan though, so none of this really appeals to me much.

Another long awaited game reveal was from the Ubisoft conference. I’m of course talking about Beyond Good and Evil 2, the prequel to the original game. The trailer was great. I liked the characters, the humour and the setting but I’m not entirely sure what the game is. When the original came out, I was either too young or I just didn’t give it much attention. Therefore, I wasn’t one of those who cried upon its reveal nor was I that amazed by it, but I am intrigued.

Sony showed us more of Days Gone. Last year, this game looked just like another zombie game and a little too similar to The Last of Us. It’s very good then that this year they showed us how wrong we were in thinking that. This game looks dense, enjoyable and very technical. I like it. It’s not just another zombie game, it’s something much more and I can’t wait to see more of it.

God of War looks cool too. I was never a fan of the previous games because they lacked an interesting lead character and I found the gameplay to be very repetitive. It looks like this game is addressing both of those issues but I still need to see an extended gameplay session that really shows off this variety in gameplay and story. A trailer isn’t good enough and the introduction footage shown last year didn’t do enough of it. 

We also saw some of the new Spider-Man game. As expected, this looks great. I like the cinematic style with quick time events and I like the Arkham style fighting and stealth systems. All I want to see now is free roam gameplay and I’ll be ready to get it. Sadly, like a lot of games shown this year, it won’t be out until 2018.

There were of course plenty of other big moments at this years E3. Detroit: Become Human got a tantalising trailer but no release date, Bioware showed off its impressive looking new game, Anthem, South Park was shown in action again and Xbox has a lot of indie style games coming up but few, big, triple A games. It was a great E3 on a hype and enjoyment level, it was great at showing us what we’ll be playing next year, but outside of Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be playing this year.


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