The Founder 

The Founder surprised me. Not in terms of how good or bad it was, but in terms of its story, content and tone.

You don’t expect the story of McDonald’s origins to be so dark and grim, but it is. The main character does things that are ruthless, selfish and sadistic. When the film ended, like many of the items on the McDonald’s menu, it left a bad taste in my mouth… in a good way.

The film is enjoyable and it tells an interesting story that I knew nothing about. 

The only real negative of the film is how generic it is. This is a very typical biopic that’s clearly aimed for award recognition but came up short. Writing, directing, cinematography and acting are all fine but unremarkable. There’s little that really stands out about The Founder. Good or bad.

The Founder is a perfectly fine biopic. It’s also completely forgettable. The only thing that really got me thinking was its content and tone. I had no idea the story would turn out to be as grim and dark as it was. 


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