The LEGO Batman Movie 

The LEGO Batman Movie is a fun, energetic romp of a film. It’s filled with jokes, brilliant animation and an engaging storyline that really pokes into the psyche of Batman.

The animation in the film is brilliant. It’s so good that at times I thought I was looking at real Lego. I know nothing about the production of this film, so I’m assuming none of it was real and it was all CGI. 

The film is very fast paced and energetic. This means that there’s nary a moment of wasted time and things zip along at an exciting pace. It does however mean that there are tonnes of blink and you’ll miss them moments. There are scenes packed with characters and events that you probably won’t even notice. There are no doubt references and homages to be found in repeat viewings. 

The jokes are the real problem with the film. It’s very funny, for a Batman and DC fan. If you don’t know much about either of those properties, then a large sum of them simply won’t work. There are also some repetitive, eye rolling jokes too. Too many, in actuality. Therefore, as a comedy, it’s a little hit and miss.

With a brilliant cast of voice actors and some great action scenes, the film provides something for everyone. On the surface, this is just a superhero film. Look a little deeper though and you’ll see it’s also a careful character study. I was actually quite surprised by some of the things the filmmakers have picked up on and discovered about Batman. The film looks at the character in a unique way that hasn’t quite been done before.

The LEGO Batman Movie is a very fun, exciting and entertaining film. It’s by no means perfect, but there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If you don’t like the comedy, you’ll probably like the action and story. It’s not the best Batman film ever, it’s not the best LEGO film ever either, but it’s certainly worth giving a go.

On a side note: this isn’t the first Lego Batman Movie. There are others, based on video games. They’re not too bad either.


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