Logan is amongst the best of the X-Men films. But I was expecting a little more than what I got. 

The R rating of Logan allows for some gory, blood filled, hack and slash action scenes. In this regard, Logan is very entertaining and action packed, and it shows us a more accurate portrayal of Wolverine that we’ve always wanted to see. 

The R rating doesn’t quite work in other regards though. Characters use profanity and bad language for no real reason at times. It’s there for shock value and there are a few too many uses of such language. I’m by no means a prude, I really don’t mind the language, but it is a bit of a distraction here.

The big selling point of the film is that it’s Hugh Jackman’s and Patrick Stewart’s final outing as Wolverine/Logan and Professor X/Charles Xavier respectively. I’m pleased to say that Logan provides them with a suitable ending. They get an interesting and poignant story that deals with real world social issues, but also some great dramatic scenes and dialogue.

Obviously, I’m not going to spoil the ending. I do however feel like one of these characters’ deserved a better send off than what they got. It’s not bad by any means, it just left me feeling a little underwhelmed.

The big failing of the film is in its villains. The villains are terrible and are incredibly underwritten. Boyd Holbrook looks and acts the part, but his character never really does anything and Richard E. Grant’s character is severely stereotypical and lacks a strong storyline. 

The main thrust of the story is a simple one. I liked how information was presented in a subtle manner (with one glaring exception), and for the most part, the film knows its audience is intelligent. This is serious, adult filmmaking, something not often seen in the superhero genre. The final act does however resort to typical superhero storytelling, but it’s well done and not that big an issue here.

Logan is amongst the best of the X-Men films (which includes Deadpool). It might also be amongst the best superhero films too. It’s by no means perfect, but it acts as a suitable, poignant finale for two beloved characters and their respective actors. Filled with great action, a simple but engaging story and generally pretty good filmmaking, Logan is a must watch.


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