GLOW: Season 1

Looking at its genre, its 30 minute episodes and its cast, GLOW is a comedy. There are certainly some funny bits in it. However, GLOW is not a comedy. It’s a comedy drama and it doesn’t try to balance out the genres. I feel like the trailers and promotions for the show might have deceived some viewers into thinking it’s funnier than it is. There are some episodes that simply aren’t funny at all. 

This sounds like I’m being negative, I’m not. As a drama, GLOW is a damn good TV show. I liked how it explores current social and political issues such as feminism and equality. I liked how it examines the wrestling industry in a somewhat accurate manner. There are some great characters, interesting storylines and it’s all supported by a cast that’s clearly loving what they’re doing.

The three leads are the standouts of the series. Alison Brie is an interesting, likeable lead even though she does some despicable things, Betty Gilpin is great as the soap star who looks down on wrestling and Marc Maron is hilarious as the inappropriate director. There are other characters and they’re all differing degrees of interesting thanks to some stereotypical characterisation and varying amounts of screen time. 

There are only really two thrusts of narrative. The establishment of the wrestling show and the rift between Alison and Betty’s characters. Other storylines present themselves, but they feel tacked on at times and they often act as filler. By the end of the season, there’s enough closure to satisfy, but other narratives end rather abruptly. I’m trying to avoid spoilers, so I won’t elaborate,

One impressive thing about the show is how it tailors to wrestling and non-wrestling fans. I imagine someone who knows nothing about wrestling would like it just as much. As a wrestling fan though, there are famous faces, nods and acknowledgments that’ll enhance the experience. It should be noted that GLOW is only inspired by a true story, and it isn’t at all trying to be accurate. This might disappoint some wrestling fans hoping for some inside, descriptive information about the real GLOW.

On the whole, GLOW is a great show that I can’t wait to see more of. Assuming there’ll be more. The only real surprise was that it’s far more dramatic and less comedic than I thought it would be. It’s filled with great performances, some funny moments, likeable characters and great 80’s aesthetics. 


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