Beauty and the Beast (2017 film)

2017’s Beauty and the Beast is a great film, thanks in part to its very faithful adaptation of the also great, animated Beauty and the Beast film.

That’s the biggest problem with this film. It’s completely unoriginal. I’m no expert on the original animated version, but I felt like this was copying that film word for word at times. This isn’t necessarily bad nor is it entirely unexpected. It does however beg the question, what’s the point? 

Without providing a unique take or perspective, this version of the film is pointless. Why has it been made? It’s certainly no better or worse than the original. The live action component isn’t a big enough quirk either. 

Other than that, this is a really good film. The cast is brilliant and well assembled. I particularly liked Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen who provided the film with much needed comedy. I also want to praise Stanley Tucci, for being unrecognisable until he becomes human again at the end (slight spoiler). I didn’t even realise he was in the film. 

The songs and the music are good too. None of them are quite as good as the animated versions, but they’re fun, entertaining and catchy.

The CGI and special effects are good, for the most part. Environments look good, so do the CGI pieces of furniture. Sadly, the Beast looks terrible. At no point in the film did he look real and I’m a little surprised by how bad the CGI is for his character. Luckily, Dan Stevens does a good job of bringing this dull, unrealistic looking Beast to life.

This isn’t the best, nor is it the definitive version of the classic tale. The cast is great, the songs are good and it’s a mostly gorgeous film. The only big problem is that it didn’t need to exist. There’s literally no point in this film having been made, except for Disney to make some money.


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