Trying to review a film like Dunkirk is tough. It’s always easier to comment on why something is bad, rather than why something is good. The problem here is that I literally can’t think of anything bad about Dunkirk.
The film is simply brilliant.

This is Christopher Nolan at his best. The way he plays with camera motion, positioning and framing is amazing. More so, when it’s in IMAX. The film is gorgeous too. It primarily takes place at sea or on a beech, so there’s not much to look at, but Hoyte van Hoytema and Nolan somehow make every shot a piece of art. They’re definitely in the running for the Academy Awards for best director and cinematography.

I also have to praise the soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and the sound design of the film. The sound makes the film moody and it makes the enemy planes scary and intimidating. I imagine this is one of the more accurate depictions of war. War is scary. The opening scene for example starts things off with loud, shocking gunshots and it perfectly sets the tone of the film.

The film doesn’t stop either. It’s often intense and it’s constantly interesting. It’s well paced and never slow or boring.

Dunkirk is simply brilliant. It’s a definite Academy Award contender and on a technical level, it’s one of the greatest films ever made. I don’t think there’s ever been a war film that has successfully depicted the fear and terror of it… until now.


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