Kong: Skull Island 

There are a lot of King Kong films. Some are better than others. My personal favourite is Peter Jackson’s King Kong. I think Skull Island is probably the worst.

This film is bad.

When a film is about a giant gorilla or monkey causing havoc, you have low expectations for realism and believability. However, the story and the characters still have to make sense & they have to be slightly plausible.

Sadly, the characters of the film are flat out terrible. They’re severely underwritten. Even the cast of big names can’t make them interesting. Plus, for a team of highly intelligent scientists, soldiers and an expert SAS soldier, they’re really stupid. The characters constantly do things that don’t make much sense. 

If we ever found out anything about the characters, some of the problems with them could be a little excusable. I’m not even sure what their names are.

The same applies to the story. The whole idea of the story is vague and undefined. I’m not entirely sure why anyone wanted to go to the island. I’m really not sure why they then wanted to kill and intimidate all the wildlife there. The literal first thing they do on the island is cause a fight, despite being there for ‘research purposes.’

There are two saving graces in the film. The first is John C. Reilly. His character is by far the most interesting. He provides the film with the only comedy that works and his character is likeable with a clear goal and story arc. The other saving grace is the direction and the visuals. This is a pretty and stylish film. 

Kong: Skull Island is bad. It’s sole purpose of existing is to lead into a crossover film with Godzilla. Unless you really like cheesy, nonesense filled, monster movies, there’s no reason to watch this.


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