Get Out 

Get Out is a very interesting and highly enjoyable film.

As far as horror films go, this is one of the best in years. Rather than providing jump scares and gore, Get Out is much more focused on psychological horror. It’s creepy, weird and sometimes uncomfortable and intense.

It’s not all about the horror though. The film is also hilarious at times. Whenever Lil Rel Howery’s character is on screen, the film becomes a very funny comedy. There are some really great moments of comedy when this character is trying to figure out what’s going on.

There are also some strong nods to real world politics and social issues. Yes, they’re slightly exaggerated (I’m hoping), but this is where the horror comes from. It twists and exaggerates norms to make something odd and unusual. Director and writer, Jordan Peele has done a great job here.

There are only two really minor issues I had with the film. The first is that it’s a little slow at times. Nothing really happens until well after 30mins into the film. This isn’t that big a problem though, because everything prior to this establishes the characters and the scenario pretty well. 

The other problem concerns the answers and explanations given. Personally, I loved them, there are twists, turns and revelations. They were however telegraphed and foreshadowed in obvious ways and the answers veer into science fiction territory. This certainly won’t appeal to everyone.

Get Out is a great horror film. It has likeable, interesting characters and director/writer Jordan Peele does a good job of creating an uneasy, mysterious scenario. It’s a little slow and not everyone will be satisfied with the answers given, but I highly recommend it.


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