Ozark: Season 1

Ozark is another great show from Netflix.

Ozark tells the story of a fairly ordinary guy and his family whose lives fall apart when they move to the Ozark’s. Oh, that guy also happens to be a money launderer for a drug cartel and they move in order to stay alive.

The cast of Ozark is really good. Jason Bateman is particularly good as the ordinary financial expert forced into being a criminal. This is a rare and unusually dramatic and serious role for him. He really shows us his range and abilities and so much of the series rests on his shoulders.

The other characters are good too. Yes, there are a few stereotypes here and there, but the show constantly improves throughout its run and the acting is so good, it really doesn’t matter.

Ozark can be a little intense at times. It gets pretty dark and grim. Bad things constantly happen to the characters. It’s probably going to be a little much for some viewers. 

This is a crime show. It shows the intricacies of money laundering, which can be challenging to keep up with and to understand. There are twists and turns, some of which had me watching with my mouth hanging agape. Sadly, there are a few too many crime story cliches. There’s enough original content in the show, but every now and then it feels a little ‘traditional.’

Ozark is one of my favourite shows so far this year. It improves throughout its run, it has good characters with some shocking, surprising twists and I really hope it gets renewed for a second season.


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